Creating a community of stylish pets

About Us

Modern Companion aims to bring the community of pet lovers together one stylish pet product at a time. We were created by owner Maddie St. Gelais, a crazy pet mom with a design background inspired to give pet accessories a whole new light. When you become a part of our community, you become part of our family. Getting to know each pet and their human is something we are passionate about. We try our best to engage with our community through fun blog posts, trivia, contests, and much more on our social accounts.

Supporting our local community and small businesses have been a central focus for our company. Sixty percent of the material we use is sourced from small business manufacturers and shops. All our shirts are locally screen-printed here in South Carolina by another small business. We believe in the power of #communityovercompetition and #supportingsmallshops.

Modern Companion's unique modern style and mission to cater to all pets have brought the community of pet lovers together, unlike any other company. Modern Companion can also be seen in over 20 different small retail stores across the United States.

We welcome you to join our family of stylish pets.

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